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Kotimaailma Apartments – cost-efficient furnished apartments already in 18 Finnish cities

Kotimaailma Apartments offers companies, insurance company customers and private customers cozy furnished apartments in 18 Finnish districts. The company started operating in Turku and Tampere in 2007, from where it expanded to Helsinki and Oulu. In 2014 it transformed into a franchising chain and expanded throughout Finland.

The accommodation price includes all essentials, no hidden costs

Our apartments are fully furnished and equipped. Kotimaailma offers customers accommodation services without surprising extra costs. For example, internet, bedlinen, towels and final cleaning are always included in the accommodation price. In addition, Kotimaailma offers several value-adding services such as kotiRaha. KotiRaha enables you to divide the accommodation costs into smaller parts for example in case of a plumbing renovation. Check KotiRaha rates from here.

High-class living – excellent customer satisfaction

Kotimaailma apartments are in city centers, they are fresh and of equal quality. Our chain’s entrepreneurs personally guarantee first-class customer service, which is reflected in the excellent customer reviews that Kotimaailma has received.

We are the only country-wide chain offering furnished apartments

Kotimaailma is one of the biggest companies in Finland offering furnished apartments and is the only country-wide chain in Finland. You can find us in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, SipooTurku, Tampere, LahtiHämeenlinna, Kuopio, Vaasa, Oulu, Kemi-Tornio, Raahe, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Rovaniemi, Naantali and Raisio.

Kotimaailma is digitalizing and city coverage is expanding

We are digitalizing our operations to have more time for our customers and that you can reserve an accommodation with us at any time from anywhere. Additionally, our project-accommodation will cover every bit of Finland, so that we will offer accommodation in all Finnish cities.

The turnover grows together with our operations

The chain’s turnover has already about 6 million euros and its annual growth is significant. The chain is entirely in private and domestic ownership.

Additional info and interview requests:

Aaro Simell, Director, Partner

aaro.simell@kotimaailma.com / +358 50 329 3435

Vesa Kauppila, Director, Partner

vesa.kauppila@kotimaailma.com / +358 50 329 3413

Kotimaailma in a nutshell

Kotimaailma offers companies, insurance company customers and private customers cozy furnished apartments in Turku, Tampere, LahtiHelsinki, Vantaa, SipooHämeenlinna, Kuopio, Vaasa, Oulu, Kemi-Tornio, Raahe, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, RovaniemiEspoo, Naantali and Raisio. This in 2007 founded company is one of the biggest companies in Finland offering furnished apartments. You can stay with us from 1 day to 36 months. Our entrepreneur-based franchising chain is growing rapidly.

Kotimaailma pähkinänkuoressa

Kotimaailma tarjoaa yritys-, vahinko- ja muille yksityisasiakkaille huoneistomajoitusta kodinomaisissa asunnoissa Turussa, Tampereella, Lahdessa, Helsingissä, Vantaalla, Sipoossa, Hämeenlinnassa, Kuopiossa, Vaasassa, Oulussa, Kemi-Torniossa, Raahessa, Jyväskylässä, Joensuussa, Rovaniemillä, Espoossa, Naantalissa and Raisiossa. Vuonna 2007 perustettu yritys on yksi suurimmista tilapäisiä majoitusratkaisuja tarjoavista huoneistohotelleista Suomessa. Huoneistoissa voi asua yhdestä vuorokaudesta jopa 36 kuukauteen. Yrittäjävetoisen Franchisingliiketoimintamallin mukaisesti toimiva Kotimaailma-ketju kasvaa voimakkaasti, liikevaihto on yli 2,5 miljoonan euroa ja asuntoja on yli 130. www.kotimaailma.com



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