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Available Furnished Apartments in Helsinki, Vantaa, Sipoo, EspooTurku, NaantaliTampere, Hämeenlinna, OuluVaasa, KuopioRovaniemi, Kemi-TornioRaaheJyväskyläJoensuu and Lahti

By choosing a serviced apartment, you will get the flexibility of a hotel accommodation, but many times more living space compared to regular hotel room. You can still choose to have many hotel-like services, such as weekly cleaning services, but you will also be able to live as you would at home, without worrying about restaurant opening hours and expensive laundry bills.

Great buildup

In each apartment there is among other things a fully equipped kitchen/kitchenette, laundry facilities and a living area, depending on the size of the apartment, comfortable beds for one or even 8 persons; cheap accommodation for large groups!

Kotimaailma is continuously acquiring and furnishing new apartments to our customers’ needs.

If you don’t find a suitable furnished apartment on the right please contact us!


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