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Kotimaailma Goes Green

Tuesday 18.11.2014

Kotimaailma Goes Green

We have great options to choose the more eco-friendly methods in the means of efficient recycling and energy saving heating (which sure is important in the northern climate!)
We at Kotimaailma Apartments want to pull our weight, and keep developing our practices to more and more eco-friendly direction.
Here is some examples of our green thoughts:
• Recycling instructions in several languages at each of our apartments.
• When furnishing apartments we choose sustainable materials and materials that can be washed which reduce the need to renew the furnishing
• We do not use disposable dishes
• We prefer energy saving central heating and guide our guests to operate the heating
• Our personel avoids travelling by car when possible
• We choose apartments which have good connections to public transports
• Carefully choosing the best electricity supplier
• energy saving light bulbs and appliances
• Keeping an eye on the water fittings and faucets to spot any possible leaks and fixing them at ones

Besides using renewable energy, encouraging our guests to use the recycling options provided in each of our apartments and we would also love to hear Your thoughts on how to be more green!
Visit our Facebook-page to discuss and give us Your tips and ideas on how to save even more energy in our apartments. Even the smallest actions count!

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