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Customer review: I can honestly recommend Kotimaailma Apartments to any individual travelling for business or pleasure

Tuesday 15.03.2016

Peter Raven from England has been staying with Kotimaailma Apartments frequently for longer and shorter periods of time since 2009.

- If you are travelling to Oulu or Finland and want a home away from home type of accommodation then look no further than Kotimaailma Apartments. The management and staff at Kotimaailma Apartments Oulu are efficient, polite and best of all speak English.

Flexible and polite service

With Kotimaailma Apartments, you get personalized service with the aim of making your stay effortless. Kotimaailma's staff is always ready to answer your questions about the city, including transportation or possible attractions and events. This was one of the things Peter found great about Kotimaailma Apartments Oulu.

"Flexible payment methods with a 24hr. check-in service add to the ease at which a furnished apartment from Kotimaailma Apartments can be booked. They can also help you with car hire and details of other means of transport to make sure you are on time for your business commitments or entertainment and sporting events.", Peter describes.

Easy reservations

For Kotimaailma Apartments the contentment of our guests is vital for our business. We aim to provide our customer not only the accommodation but we also want to be certain that they find their stay as pleasant and carefree as possible.

- If you’re not sure what size of an apartment you need or are new to Oulu and Finland then just email or call Kotimaailma Apartments staff directly and let them guide you accordingly. They will give you honest, no commitment advice and prices without hidden costs. I can honestly recommend them to any individual travelling for business or pleasure and also to any company or corporation looking to accommodate their personnel.

Furnished apartments for temporary housing

Kotimaailma Apartments is a well-established leader in short and long term apartment housing and offers a variety of affordable, clean, fully furnished and conveniently located apartments to suit those travelling for business or pleasure. Kotimaailma Apartments offers furnished apartments throughout Finland, already in 13. cities and the company is expanding rapidly within the following years. All of the Kotimaailma Apartments offices are led by individual franchisees, so you can be certain that there is always someone that will care about making your stay as pleasant and easy as possible.

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